Le originali lampade lava inglesi dal 1963

In Continuous British Production Since 1963

Our 1960s designs, the Astro and Astro Baby, are two of the very few products that have been in continuous British production since their launch nearly 60 years ago.


Up to date Safety Standards

We work closely with test houses so you can be sure that Mathmos lava lamps have passed the relevant up to date safety standards.

Unique Lava Lamp Formula

Every Mathmos lava lamp is hand filled in the Mathmos factory. Our unique lava lamp formula has brighter, clearer liquids, lasts longer and has the optimum lava formation. The inventor of lava lamps, Edward Craven Walker, worked on Mathmos lava lamp formulation until he died in 2000.


2 Year Shop Direct Guarantee

We are very confident of the quality of our products and offer a two-year guarantee when you shop directly from our websites. Find out more here.

High-Quality Metal

Skilled British craftsmen spin the Astro and Astro Baby metal parts. We use only high-grade aluminium, enabling us to hand polish it to a high shine. New Copy: Our cast metal is made in high-quality die-cast tools and then plated to a high level of finish.

Spare Parts

Our lamps are not made to be thrown away. Replacement bottles and bulbs are available for all Mathmos’ classic lava lamps range from the 1960s to the present day. See here.


Gold/Platinum Star Customer Service

Mathmos is a Gold / Platinum Star Trusted Merchant online; you can be sure that we will offer the highest standards of product quality and customer service. See our reviews here.

Clear Branded Glass

Mathmos branded lava lamp bottles are manufactured by a precision glass factory in Yorkshire. The bottles have low split lines, very clear glass and a lip to ensure they sit straight on the base.

Nearly 60 Years of Experience

No one knows more about making lava lamps than Mathmos. We control every aspect of the process and ensure that our products are made to the highest quality and safety standards.


Stylish Dorset Made Packaging

Much of our gift packaging is created and made for us by an experienced local firm on recycled board. The design of the boxes ensures the lamps arrive in perfect condition and are appreciated from the moment they are seen.